I’ve been floating in this ocean.

I thought I was doing alright.

But without notice I began slipping under the surface.

I kicked, and kicked, and kicked, and slowly,

I begin to lose my breath.

Panicking, kicking, even screaming,

Why  can’t any of you hear me

My lungs are burning from a lack of oxygen

Each innocent grasp towards sunlight,

just brings me an additional ten feet under.

Without air, without my precious breath,

I blacked out.

Waves are reoccurring, yet somehow,

you still let me drown each time.



One thought on “Anxiety.

  1. Sherein, A very evocative and effective piece of writing. I think if we had a little context, knew something about the source of this anxiety, the writing would fill us with even more dread. Just some hints–they would also ground the allegorical impact of the poem–would be enough to help us to imagine more fully what you describe. Lovely work.


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