Let your kindness be like the rain, that cares not about whom it falls upon.

Let your passion be like lightning, that shines brightly and strikes your inner fire.

Let your courage be like thunder, that roars even on your darkest days.

Let your soul step out into the spiritual weather.

Let it downpour on you in the short amount of time you have left in the storm.

Discover yourself, discover life, and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet.


(Feel free to play this is the background!)


3 thoughts on “Pluviophile

  1. First of all I love the title of this poem. I have a distinct interest in the different Philias and Phobias that plague the everyday lives of humans. This poem is also carefree and adventurous, allowing the reader to experience the pleasure of rain along with the speaker of the poem. Another added bonus to this poem is its relatability. The love of rain is such a common sensation that many people who read this can relate to it but not many people have thought about the feeling enough to write about it. That is the mark of a good poet, being able to write what everyone feels but not many people can understand enough to give a name.


  2. This poem is really relatable. I really enjoy the importance and significance that rain plays in the role of everyday life and how impactful it can be through everyday emotions and portrayal of things that we do without even noticing. It’s really light and informative, and also playful in a sense. I also like the twist that it has on the meaning of rain; usually people relate rain to depressing moods or actions that have negative connotations, but this poem really takes an interesting twist in the ability to connect with more powerful and empowering emotions. Good piece!


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