The good stuff and the bad stuff are all part of the stuff. No good stuff without bad stuff.


She doesn’t know when she got like this.

In an ocean of instability and uncertainty,

she tries to stay afloat amongst the rough tides,

sleepless nights and overthinking that floods her brain.

Those thoughts.

They come in waves.

If only they washed away the pain with their arrival,

but instead she is drowning.

Lost, scared, and holding on to that lifesaver with everything she has left.

She wants to disappear in the vastness of the ocean,

perhaps this is the only way she could be found.

And just as she starts to lose grip,

she sees the lighthouse.

The silhouettes of loved ones waved her in the right direction.

It is far and it will take a while to get there,

but she finally sees the beauty of the ocean.

Sinking was no longer an option.

She doesn’t know when she got like this,

but when sadness was the sea, she decided to swim.